About this Blog

The 20’s, with the help of iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel, gave birth to the first generation of women who wore pants. Flash forward forty years and women were burning their bras— all in the name of feminism.

Today, regardless of whether you opt for bra-less, bralette, bandeau or bikini, fashion, and the way women dress is all about embracing your true self; being non-conformant, unrestricted, and most importantly, being comfortable in your own skin. It carries the guises of art and science and it remains, unmistakably and unashamedly the voice for self-expression.

Fashion has always contained a political thread, being highly influential, and remaining at the forefront of promoting feminism throughout the ages.  When one reassess the written and lived history of both fashion and feminism, there’s no denying that the two are intertwined, sewn together by a strong, unbreakable thread.

In her shoes is all about exploring how we as women, of every shape, size, colour and culture, embrace fashion and feminism through the many faces we show to the world, by asking the questions what is fashion? What is feminism? And how do we embody the two?

(This blog is also about life and living, and daily trivial awakenings, revelations, and rants. Because, this life, our world is all-encompassing. We are made up of many parts which influence other parts. We are not just one thing: We’re a million things to a million people in a million different environments. Most important, we’re WOMEN. We’re complex, and we really need to start embracing our complexity.)