The ultimate girl-power playlist

There’s nothing more comforting than being understood. And as women, no one truly gets us better than our female friends.

It’s also a universal fact that sometimes nothing says it better than a song, so on that note, here’s a playlist carefully curated for the ones who rule the world, as Beyoncé calls us.

Whether you need a girl power pep talk, a boost of self-confidence, some girl-to-girl encouragement, a reminder that you’re perfect just the way you are and that you deserve to be respected, or if you just feel like celebrating the gigantic package of awesome-ness that you are, here’s a list of lyrics to echo every tune of our hearts.

1.) Beautiful– Christina Aguilera

Yes, “I am beautiful, no matter what they say” and No, “words can’t get me down!” Now sing it like you mean it!

2.) Who runs the world? – Beyoncé

Yes, you guessed it,  the answer is GIRLS!

3.) Pretty hurts– Beyoncé

“Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says, “Bigger is better.”
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says, “Thinner is better.”

This feminist of note speaks directly to the female condition society imposes on us, and calls out its superficial, two-faced expectations. “Perfection is a disease of a nation” Queen B sings. 

“We shine the light on whatever’s worst
We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery” 

Amen! We can all resonate!

4.) Girls just wanna have funCyndi Lauper

If the previous song spoke too deeply to your soul, then let Cyndi Lauper remind you what’s really important: Having fun. Life is too short to be taken in by all the image-centred negativity, because “when the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun!” Right?

Of course.

And just to reinforce the fact that Female actually stands for Fun:

5.) Man I feel like a woman– Shania Twain

The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun.” Shania said it. I second it. So as for me, I’m singing along.

6.) Who says– Selena Gomez

Who says you’re not perfect???

It doesn’t matter anyway because whoever they are, they’re wrong! If you’re not convinced, Selena will remind you that you’re a diamond in the rough, and you’re totally worth it!  (Heres me reminding you now too.)

7.) All about that bass– Meghan Trainor

Here’s Meghan Trainor singing what your mother has forever been telling you, but you’ve never chosen to believe. I guess Meghan has a better voice, because how can you not let her catchy words sink in: “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

8.) Me too- Meghan Trainor

“If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.”

Meghan Trainor’s self-confidence is addictive- trust me, when this song’s stuck in your head you won’t be able to stop singing “I thank God every day that I woke up feelin’ this way, and I can’t help loving myself…” 

Damn, can we have some of whatever she’s on?

Just keep on singing the song!  

(I wish it took something as easy as singing to convince me though!)

9.) All the single ladies- Beyoncé

Single ladies unite! We’re awesome just the way we are and we don’t need someone to dance with when we’ve got each other!

But for those women who have, (or have high hopes of having) a significant other, here’s Meghan Trainor reminding you that you DO deserve to be treated RIGHT:

10.) Dear future husband– Meghan Trainor

And just to clarify: By right, we mean with respect and equality. Translation: Dear future husband, this is not the 1950s and we are not glorified domestic help.

But just hum along to the song, Trainor makes her point loud and clear.

11.) Brave– Sara Bareilles

For all the women who are victims of not being considered an equal in the eyes of our male counterparts, and fail to have their voices, opinions and truths heard, take Sara Bareilles advice and just Say what you want to say anyway!

“Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
When they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins”

Ponder on these words and don’t let that patriarchal shadow overshadow your brilliant self!

12.) And ultimately, never forget that YOU WILL SURVIVE! In the event that you do forget, let Gloria Gaynor remind you with her iconic song I will survive.

“But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along..”

Go Gloria! This is a lyrical and melodic masterpiece, and perfect for karaoke, so call all your girlfriends together and sing the inspiration into existence.

AND lastly,

13.)While you’re all together, bonding over these shared experiences, let ABBA  channel your inner Dancing Queen.

The bed is your stage, the deodorant can is your microphone, so sing and dance and have a fabulous time celebrating your unique girl power!

Featured image: sourced from Wikimedia Commons


8 thoughts on “The ultimate girl-power playlist

  1. Wow, this is brilliant. I’m going to create a playlist like this for my car because I’ve often had those days where I feel low and wish I had some awesome songs to listen to. Thanks for your brain power Jade! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the ultimate playlist for a girl on a mission. Just scrolling through this playlist is making me want to go home and have a dance party. This piece is really inspiring! So here’s my question, what is your favourite song of all time?



  3. My favourite song of all time, hmm…that is a hard one, but from this playlist I think my favourite song is Pretty hurts by Beyoncé followed closely by Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive 🙂 What’s yours? 😀


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